Lillian Boyd

editor, writer, musician, pop culture hobgoblin


I’m a Southern California-based editor with over a decade of experience in genre fiction ⁠⁠— everything from domestic vampire fluff to sprawling, post-apocalyptic retellings of When Harry Met Sally. I worked as a content manager for four years while editing manuscripts as a side-hustle before realizing that all I wanted to do was work with authors, and I’ve been freelancing ever since, doing everything from proofreading to line edits and full structural overhauls.

Give me space truckers and haunted houses. Give me gothic romances and werewolf heists and slapstick splatterpunk. I love dialogue that my brain won’t stop chewing on hours after I should have already fallen asleep. I love enormous emotions and characters that are extremely bad at talking about them. I’m a sucker for found family, technology doing things that technology has no business doing, monsters doing their best, and enemies-to-lovers romances.

I want to help your story find the piece it’s missing and shape it into the thing that got you excited about writing it in the first place. Whether you need someone to get down in the trenches with you and figure out the brass tacks of your story beats, or just need proofreading before you send it out, I would love to collaborate and make something beautiful together. Let’s go to work!

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editor, writer, musician, pop culture hobgoblin