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Editing Rates

Developmental Editing – 4¢/word

This includes fixes for the overall structure and organization of the work, including pacing, characterization, flow, consistency, impact, and plotting. Developmental edits will help you figure out how to improve your story on a narrative level — does the plot have holes in it? Do the characters’ actions make sense? Does the story unfold naturally and come to a satisfying conclusion? Are there elements that need to be trimmed in order to keep the story moving? Developmental edits make sure the story becomes the biggest, best version of itself.

Line Editing – 3¢/word

This includes stylistic fixes on a sentence-by-sentence basis and makes sure that your prose flows smoothly and sharply. It ensures that the words you choose, the order you put them in, and the punctuation tying them all together have the exact effect on the reader that you want to produce. It also keeps the story elements clear and consistent by keeping all of the characters and plot points in agreement with each other throughout the story.

Copy Editing – 2¢/word

This includes grammatical, punctuational, and spelling fixes, and makes sure that your work is prettified enough to go out into the world without errors distracting readers. It also cleans up any inconsistencies between styles used (for example, keeping the ‘u’ in “colour” if the work is written in British or Canadian English) and maintains proper formatting throughout.

Sensitivity Read – Sliding Scale

  • Transgender (she/her)
  • Queer (bisexual/pansexual)
  • Mental illness (PTSD, chronic depression)

If you’d like a sensitivity read done for your work on any of these vectors, contact Lillian for rates.

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editor, writer, musician, pop culture hobgoblin