Lillian Boyd is as deft as she is insightful. She is able to look into the heart of a piece and bring out what will really make it shine.

Mallory O’Meara, author of Girly Drinks

Lillian Boyd’s editorial insights are brilliant. Her feedback is kind, thorough, and invaluable. She makes everything I write deeper and better, and I cannot possibly recommend her highly enough.

Sarah Gailey, Hugo Award-winning author of The Echo Wife

Lillian has been a strong editor since the day we first met. She most recently edited a short story of mine (‘Gender Reveal Box, 16.95’) in the Spring issue of Fireside Magazine, 2021, and her turnaround of edits was quick and she got right to the heart of the story. It’s a weird story, but Lillian got the whole scope and got a better ending out of me. Definitely recommended.

John Wiswell, author of “Open House On Haunted Hill”

Lillian offered insightful suggestions about both big-picture structural edits and fine-grained prose edits, all of which improved my final draft. She is also funny and kind and great to work with, which are essential qualities in an editor.

Felicia Davin, author of The Gardener’s Hand trilogy

On any topic and at any length, Lillian has consistently brought out the best in my work, with a compassionate hand and an eye so sharp the sentences bisect themselves. It’s an absolute joy to work with her and I can’t wait for our next project.

Julian Stuart, author of “Papa’s Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird”

Lillian provided a stellar sensitivity read, with insightful and incisive comments about a central nonbinary character. Working with her was easy and an absolute pleasure.

Nino Cipri, author of Finna